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Wolf Rock is a popular scuba diving site for grey nurse sharks. The Wolf Rock formation of four volcanic pinnacles found north of Double Island Point Queensland and is considered to be one of Australia’s top ten diving destinations.  These pinnacles provide some fantastic diving with plenty of vertical gutters and overhanging ledges to explore and it’s a perfect site for multi-level diving.

It is part of the Great Sandy Marine Park and has a 1.5 km protection zone around the formation for the protection of the critically endangered grey nurse sharks.  Wolf Rock is a critical habitat for the species where they can be found all year round.  It is the only known site on the East Coast of Australia where pregnant females gestate while pregnant.  The grey nurse shark grows to a size of around three metres, they look quite fierce but are actually quite a harmless species of shark. 

Giant Queensland gropers are also regular visitors and manta rays are seen throughout the year particularly in the months of April and May.  Other animals you can expect to dive with are eagle rays, several species of turtles, leopard sharks, bull rays, pelagic species of fish such as giant trevally, kingfish, mackerel and schools of barracuda just to name a few.  Even though Wolf Rock is known to be a “big critter” dive we still have all the other “usual suspects” such as batfish, nudibranchs, anemone fish, octopus, moray eels and much more.

Humpback whale season starts in June with the annual migration north and finishes in late October when the last of the whales pass Wolf Rock on their way back to Antarctica.  Listen to whale song while diving and watch them pass by on the surface for an amazing experience.

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